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Lisa and Karissa

     A little about us and our love for all things rustic unique shabby and chic. We our both Registered Nurses who met about 7 years ago, working at a surgery center. I knew the first moment I met Karissa that we would be in each other’s lives from that moment forward.  We have a passion for helping and caring for others. We worked side by side and started to realize we shared similar taste and ideas. 

     Each time a holiday, birthday, baby or bridal shower would come up, the two of us were right there to decorate the perfect candy table, arrange the cupcakes on beautiful cake stands, and put our unique touch to pull everything together.  We have talked about this idea for some time now, to create a collection of unique pieces that would make any event over the top. This dream became a reality recently when we made the decision to have faith and leap (they say the net will appear, we are counting on it). 

     Our inspiration to create something beautiful that we could be proud of came from our daughters.  Karissa is the proud mommy to Tru Faith and Tatum Faith. They are wildly cute and incredibly talented little girls.  I am Mom to Sydney Kay and Abby.  Eight years ago I was blessed to marry my love and in doing so gained a beautiful daughter, Abby.  We strive to be good role models for our girls, to show them how to be kind to others to love and to choose happy. We want to show them there are choices in life and they can do anything their hearts desire. To follow their path and to enjoy the little things in life. 

     Our goal is to make any event spectacular! We offer rustic, unique, shabby and chic pieces. To compliment any setting. We search for pieces that will make your event stand out from all the other. We offer a variety of everything, we are sure to have just what you are looking for. We have everything from rustic wooden buffets, vanities, tables, cake stands, cupcake stands, lights, mason jars, glassware, tea sets, and so much more.  We have some amazing pallet walls for just the right picture, chalkboards to say “I love you,” wooden signs ….love is patient love is kind…. We have a little bit of everything to make your day the absolute best day ever!

     Thank you for considering us in planning your perfect day, whether that day is your wedding, anniversary, birthday, shower, or just a gathering of family and close friends.  We hope to work with you to make your vision a reality.



Karissa and Lisa


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