Rental Terms and Conditions

Order and Delivery
Upon placing order Renter is responsible for requesting specific delivery and pick up times in the Special Instructions box upon check out. At that time Faith and Kay Event Rentals will notify Renter if there is a conflict in any of the delivery or pick up times and an agreement on delivery and pick up times will be made at this time. We strive for customer satisfaction but we can not promise any delivery or pick up time unless agreed upon after booking or through Renter inquiring prior to placing order.

Renter agrees to return all rental property in good condition. Cables must be properly coiled and tied and hardware must be removed from Property, or Renter agrees to pay a service charge. If the Property is not returned in good condition on the Return Date, prorated rental fees continue on a daily basis.

Responsibility for Property
Upon acceptance by Renter of the Property upon pick up or upon delivery of the Property to Renter’s destination, Renter agrees to inspect the Property upon immediate acceptance of delivery.

Renter shall not remove the Property from the “Ship To” site without the prior written consent of Faith and Kay Event Rentals.

No Repairs Etc
Renter shall not make any alterations, additions, repairs or improvements to the Property.

Renter has selected the Property according to its own specifications and renters own judgement. Faith and Kay Event Rentals MAKES NO WARRANTY THAT THE PROPERTY IS SUITABLE FOR RENTER’S PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Costs of Labor
Estimates of labor costs are based upon information provided by renter, if plans change once Faith and Kay Event Rentals staff arrive to event, labor costs may change.

No Damages, Assumption of Risk
Once the delivery is made by Faith and Kay Event Rentals, the renter accepts responsibility for the item(s) until retrieved by Faith and Kay Event Rentals at the end of booking.Renter acknowledges there is a risk of losses, injuries or damages arising from or related to the use or transportation of the Property and assumes all risk of such losses, injuries or damages. Renter for itself and its Customers releases Faith and Kay Event Rentals any and all responsibility or liability for such losses, injuries or damages which Renter or its Customers may experience arising from or related to the failure, use, maintenance, storage or transport of the property. We advise to minimize the transporting and/or moving of rental items once delivered to decrease the risk of injury or damage to items. If arrangement is made for Renter to Pick-up and drop off rental property, Renter is liable for any damages or losses during transporting property.

Renter shall keep the Property insured against all risks of loss or damage from every cause whatsoever for the replacement value and shall carry public liability and property damage insurance covering the Property. Replacement value is the set value of an item made by Faith and Kay Event Rentals which are provided upon booking or upon request before booking and in the event the Property is destroyed or damaged, Renter agrees to pay all reasonable charges up to the replacement value plus reasonable handling fees.

Title to Goods
The Property is the sole and exclusive property of Faith and Kay Event Rentals and Renter has no right, title or interest therein, except as set forth in this Agreement. Renter will not alter ownership markings on the Property. Renter will keep the Property free from the claims of third parties.


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